Creac’h Gwen park

Lors de l'édition 2015 du Printemps Lors de l'édition 2015 du Printemps de Creac'h Gwen, événement qui vise à faire connaître le parc de loisirs.

Close to the town centre , in a magnificent setting on the banks of the Odet, the Creac'h Gwen sport and leisure park occupies a naturally user-friendly space that is perfect for open air sports. It is also an area in which to relax, meet people and take family outings

Open all year round, this sport and leisure park allows everyone to enjoy the numerous sports available:

  • Skate Park (roller, skateboard)
  • Children’s play areas
  • Orienteering
  • Jogging
  • Health circuits
  • Fishing
  • Walking
  • Water Sports
  • Mountain Biking

Safe sporting equipment is placed at the disposition of the public and the sports clubs by the city of Quimper. The large choice of activities offered has created an exceptional hub for sport:

  • Model Aircraft
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • American Football
  • Small pleasure craft
  • Rugby
  • National Society for Sea Rescue (SNSM)
  • Water Sports
  • Tennis
  • Archery