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The Heritage House

Situated in a town house known as « Hôtel de Boisbilly », the ground floor of the Maison du Patrimoine was set up to receive the public in 2011. Repairs were made to the walls and an exhibition space was installed, along with Led lighting, a video projector and a Bluetooth PA. After an inaugural exhibition of photographs by Pascal Autret in 2011, other exhibitions have been organised, always centred on themes of Quimper and Breton cultural heritage, past and present.

Although at the outset only amateur artistic talents were showcased in the exhibitions, the space has since been opened to professional artists, both for traditional and modern art. The focus is on exhibitions which seek to surprise by showing heritage in a new light. The 2013 exhibition on Breton identity and design grouped together a graphic designer and two contemporary artists who questioned Breton identity through symbols such as the famous « bowl with ears ».

The Maison du patrimoineorganises one or two exhibitions per year, inviting amateur artists as well as professionals to show their work. The choice is always made on a whim, from a desire to promote a particular artist. The exhibitions are always free and are a good opportunity to discover the Heritage House programme!

Heritage Department

Maison du patrimoine
5 rue Ar Barz Kadiou
29000 Quimper