The Pottery Museum

The name Quimper is historically linked to the world of pottery. For 300 years the town has been reputed for its pottery, both in France and abroad. The Locmaria district is the last of the great pottery centres still active in France.

The traditional, colourful decorations, depicting scenes of daily life have weathered the centuries without losing their authenticity, retaining their skill and technical quality. As the third millennium begins, today's artists continue the tradition with a fresh eye, bringing new life and new ideas to the craft.

Quimper now has a museum worthy of this great artistic and industrial tradition. The pottery museum covers 8 rooms on 2 levels with full disabled access.

The museum traces the history of Quimper pottery through the centuries, via a collection of over 2,000 works with compositions of religious and historical inspiration, scenes of daily life or abstract designs, all captured in this beautiful and noble material. It is a rich and impressive journey through shapes and colours, as well as an opportunity to discover the techniques and secrets of the trade.

Musée de la faïence

14, rue Jean-Baptiste Bousquet - 29000 Quimper

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