Ya d'ar brezhoneg

Quimper signed the Ya d'ar brezhoneg charter in 2008 (« yes to breton »).

Ya d’ar brezhoneg is a campaign led by the Breton Language Centre to encourage the daily practice of Breton.

Breton-speaking town and important contributor to Breton cultural life, Quimper has a strong role to play in the promotion of the Breton language.

Charter member, Quimper Council strives to develop Breton and encourage its usage. Via new projects its objective is the second level of the Charter.

These projects are managed under the aegis of the non-council bilingual committee : promotion of adult bilingual courses, professional training for Council personnel, bilingual road signs, children’s projects in Breton… the committee works in multiple areas and wants to improve the signage in certain places including new council premises by signs translated into Breton.