Breton music and dance

In Quimper, hundreds of musicians and dancers have contributed to the revival of Breton creativity. A bagad (plural=bagadoù) is a traditional music group consisting of bagpipes, wind instruments and percussion. Musicians are called pipers and there are a variable number in each bagad. Dance « circles » perform ancient Breton dances, often traditional dance forms performed in circular or chain formations.

Primarily artistic arenas, but also opportunities for all generations to forge social ties, Breton cultural groups figure prominently in Quimper. Circles and bagadoù are classified into categories, the ranking of which are established through competitions organized by the federations of various Breton towns.

In the top category, from Quimper : le bagad Kemper, bagad du Moulin-Vert and bagad Penhars. In other categories (from third to fifth) : Glazik, Ergué-Armel, Sant-Padrig and Ar Re Goz.

The bagad Kemper and the Eostiged Ar Stangala dance circle were crowned Breton champions in 2014. Other circles produce performances that show increasing originality and research each year..

The music and dance federations

The function of the Breton cultural federations is to offer year round training for the dance circles and bagadoù, to promote their performances and creativity and to highlight this important part of Breton culture.