Cornouaille Festival

For six days, in high summer, Le Cornouaille gives Quimper a festive ambience with the sounds, colours and dances of Brittany and other world cultures. Nearly 1000 volunteers help each year with the organisation of 180 concerts, performances and activities combining tradition, current music, sharing and social interaction.

Singing, dancing, music, concerts and exhibitions make up this festival which is at the heart of a town and a culture.

From 1923, year of its creation by Louis le Bourhis, until now, the festival has become a symbol : its history and its evolution are tied to those of Brittany and the Breton people. Third-ranked festival in Brittany in attendance numbers, it’s the biggest Breton cultural rendez-vous.

Le Cornouaille

5 bis, rue de Kerfeunteun
BP 1315
29103 Quimper Cedex
Tél. 02 98 55 53 53