Hip Hop New School

Created in 2002 by a group of young people from Quimper, the Hip Hop New School Association is designed to promote hip hop culture in all its forms (dance, rap, graffiti, deejaying, beatboxing, etc) in the City of Quimper and throughout Cornouaille, Finistère and Brittany.

Between 2002 and 2014 the association was run by volunteers, in particular through the commitment of the young people and their parents. Over the years their activities have increased, attracting more and more members and partners.

In 2014, with the support of its partners, both in the private sector and from public organisms such as the City of Quimper and Quimper Community, the Finistère Departmental Council and the Breton Regional Council, as well as the unfailing enthusiasm of its members, the Hip Hop New School reached new heights with the creation of two new divisions:

  • The educational division for the teaching of hip hop dance through the creation of the Intercommunal School of Hip Hop Dance.
  • The events division, in charge of organising public events, cultural activities, project support for young people and the management of the forerunner to a regional network (the Breton Hip Hop network).

Today, the association has nearly 480 students regularly attending dance practice in the departments 13 communes: from Douarnenez to Clohars-Carnoët via Châteaulin and Loctudy. The dedicated teachers and instructors of the Intercommunal School of Hip Hop Dance provide progressive dance choreography courses, adapted for all ages from 6 years old to adult. Courses for primary and middle school students are held throughout the year, both in school time and as extracurricular activities. Within the framework of its global study course, the Intercommunal School of Hip Hop Dance provides additional training sessions to students (internships, cypher-xxl training, etc.) and invites them to participate in events as performers and/or spectators.

Every year, from mid-October to mid-November, the association organises the Hip Hop Culture Festival in close collaboration with its regional partners and participants. It is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to hip hop culture, bringing together the best dancers, choreographers, rappers, DJs and graffiti artists in a unified and friendly event.

The Hip Hop New School Association has become an essential element in the rich cultural diversity of Finistère. Known as a venue for expression, creation, exchange, social diversity and intergenerational meetings, the association is also a place to acquire knowledge and skills (organisation of events, etc.), gain a sense of responsibility and learn civic responsibility.

Hip Hop New School

Espace Associatif,

53 impasse de l'Odet
29000 Quimper
09 53 32 21 93 - contact@hiphopnewschool.com

More information on the website Hip Hop New School.