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The School of Embroidery Art

A keen embroiderer, Pascal Jaouen founded the l’Ecole de Broderie d’Art de Kemper (Quimper School of Embroidery Art) in 1995, in order to share and develop this heritage skill. His teaching method is to transpose traditional embroidery with contemporary patterns.

The school is open to everyone, beginners and initiates of 8 years and over, teaching several techniques of colour embroidery (Glazig embroidery, long and short stitch, shadow stitch, etc.) and white embroidery (traditional drawn thread work, cutwork, embroidery on tulle, etc.)

It offers regular weekly, bi-monthly or monthly courses from September to June in several Breton cities: Quimper, Brest, Rennes, Lorient, Vannes, and Nantes. Pascal Jaouen also hosts courses in Paris, Lyon and Orléans.

Ecole de Broderie d'Art - Pascal Jaouen (The Pascal Jaouen School of Embroidery Art)
16, rue Haute
29000 Quimper
Tel : 02 98 95 23 66 - contact@ecoledebroderie.com