Art4context (formerly Espace Digital Sporadique) organises artistic projects in partnership with others in the region and in particular, since 2011, with the Max Jacob cultural centre in Quimper.

These projects aim to welcome artists in residence for research work in situ and/or in vivo. They are based around the city experience of sharing, meeting, adapting and providing commitment, while monitoring for signs of withdrawal, distancing, rupture or sensitivity. Works that are both "a symbolic artefact " and " a factual component of reality" (Paul Ardenne).

The association supports artists throughout the creative process, which includes three stages: identification, creation and restitution. It keeps track of the artistic project, its production and restitution times. It also organises lectures, meetings and public debates with the artists...

The association also invites artists to a debate on methods for the documentation and creation of projects in the context of its digital and internet media publications via the following collections:

  • Interviews with artists: the critical perspective of artists on the work of other artists is important to the creative process of contemporary art.
  • re:doc:. dedicated to the memory of artistic projects that we organise on a documentation-creation basis
  • eds hubbub: cartoon news journal inspired by journalism, and defending the idea that when treated by artists, the very notion of « news » is changed.
  • Artists’ dialogues: collaborations between artists performing works adapted for digital media.

These interviews and creations are freely available on the internet and via collections and public institutions (the regional contemporary art fund, art criticism archives, galleries, contemporary art centres, art schools, etc.), as well as in a few specialized bookshops.

Art4context (formerly Espace Digital Sporadique) partners Quimper’s Max Jacob Centre, a member of the Breton Contemporary Art network and subscriber to the Federation of Networks and Associations of Visual Artists (Fraap)

The association is recognized by the National Centre for Visual Arts (Cnap) and the Regional Department of Breton Cultural Affairs (Drac).

The association is sponsored by the Breton region, the Departmental Council of Finistère and the City of Quimper

47, rue du Coteau de Kermabeuzen
29 000 Quimper
Tel. 06 73 65 11 67 – more information on the site d'Art4context.