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Scène de lecture à la médiathèque des Ursulines

Ursulines Multimedia Centre (Médiathèque)

Figurehead for Quimper Council’s public reading network, Ursulines Centre holds 120,000 books freely accessible by the public.

Inaugurated in 2008, the Multimedia Centre was conceived as an open discovery and reading space. The books, organized in themed collections, are laid out over more than 2500m² divided over three levels.

On the ground floor is a free access newspaper and magazine kiosk, an exhibition space, an auditorium and a technical book centre which handles items from the Quimper Council network.

La médiathèque des UrsulinesEnlarge the picture La médiathèque des UrsulinesThe first floor includes a childhood area, French and foreign literature, public internet access  and a heritage library.

The second floor holds the Breton library, the Factory space (la Fabrique) devoted to the arts and The Knowledge Box (La Boîte à Savoirs), a collection of 23,000 items that can be borrowed.

Built in a former convent, the Ursulines Centre’s architecture unites heritage and modernity.  To conserve the place’s history, the exterior facade and the building’s original carpentry (registered on the Historic Monument List) have been preserved and completely restored. The cloister’s two galleries have been completely restored and have rediscovered their original purpose. The building’s historical main entrance has also been re-instated (opposite Chapeau Rouge).

Inside, everything has been rethought and reconstructed  to offer modern and functional usage  particularly in the reinforced concrete structure (floors destined to support the load of thousands  of books). The two extensions are treated as a detachment of the existing facades, which means a totally different, more modern architecture, removing any doubt as to the new and restored parts.

Ursulines Médiathèque Quimper

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Tuesday : from 12.30-19.00
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Saturday : from 10.00-19.00
Sunday (September to May) : 14.00-18.00

Information and access to the catalogue at Quimper Council libraries website.

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