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Breton Museum

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Le Musée breton

The Breton Museum represents the wealth of Finistère’s artistic and ethnographic heritage.

Installed in the Bishop of Cornouaille’s Palace, between the St Corentin Cathedral and the Odet quayside, the Breton Museum constitutes an excellent introduction to the county’s discovery.

After an evocation of the Prehistoric period (gold chains etc), the first rooms are dedicated to life in the Gallo-Roman city of the Osismes (sculptures, monetary treasure, vases and urns, silver vessels etc).  The rooms of ancient Breton art show examples of Roman and Gothic sculpture, stained-glass windows, an extraordinary hoard of gold pieces from French and English kingdoms buried in the 14th century and recently uncovered, as well as rare pieces of regional silversmithery. The upper floors are reserved for Finistère’s popular arts : the variety and splendour of traditional costumes, furniture and scenes of daily objects.

One of the Museum’s main attractions is its collection of Quimper stoneware and porcelain (more than 300 pieces) grouped together in two rooms which illustrates production from the 17th century until now.

Guided tours, children’s workshops and conferences are organised.

Created by the Finistère Archaeological Society in 1846, this museum was one of the first in France - from the years 1860-1870 -  to take an interest in regional ethnography and popular arts. The collection of archaeological objects, which started then and which continues now, makes this museum the principle conservatory of history, ethnography and regional arts in Finistère.

Opening hours

- From June to September : every day from 09.00-18.00;
- Out of season, from October to May : every day except Monday, Sunday morning and bank holidays from 09.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00.

Musée départemental breton

1, rue du Roi Gradlon
29000 Quimper

More information at Breton Museum website.

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