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Breton music and dance

Mise à jour le : 01.12.2011 | 16h16
Le bagad Kemper

Hundreds of musicians and dancers contribute to the revival of Breton creativity in Quimper.

A bagad (or plural bagadoù) is an ensemble of traditional music made up of bagpipes, bombards and percussion. A variable number of musicians make up each bagad, and they are called sonneurs.

Dance circles practise the ancient Breton traditional dances, often community dances in rounds or chains.

Places primarily of artistic expression, but also places of inter-generational meeting, genuine creators of social networks, Breton cultural rendez-vous occupy a very special  place in Quimper.

The dance circles and bagadoù have been classified into categories, the ranking being established during competitions by federations in different Breton towns.

In Quimper, the ranking is:

  • in first place : the Kemper bagad (Breton champion in 2011), the Moulin Vert bagad, the Penhars bagad;
  • in other categories (from third to fifth) : Kerne and Ergué-Armel, Sant-Padrig, Ar Re Goz.
  • The dance circle Eostiged Ar Stangala was awarded Breton champion in 2011 and 2006. Other dance circles show their productions annually, and are increasingly creative and resourceful.

The federations

Breton cultural federations’ aim is to offer training for dance circles and bagadoù all year round, to promote their  productions  and creations and to invest in the Breton cultural sector. The Bodadeg ar sonerion promote music whilst the Warl’leur and Kendalc’h dance.

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