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Quimper has enjoyed the approval “Town of Art and History” since 1989.

“Town of Art and History” approval

Quimper has enjoyed the approval “Town of Art and History” since 1989, year of the signature of the first convention drawn up in consultation with the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

This label denotes approved places. This convention fixes the scope of activities, of heritage development, defines objectives and specifies the financial details.

Quimper has been part of the national network of Towns of Art and History since 1989. This approval is awarded by the Minister of Culture and Communication and is a recognition of the significance of the architectural, cultural and historical heritage of the town. It guarantees the skills of the tour-guides and the quality of the service given by the Heritage Department.

The Heritage Department

A team has been put together over the years to put into practice all the projects tied to the approval : organisation of visits, putting together educational projects, exhibitions…

The Heritage House

Above Place au Beurre stands the tall outline of the townhouse called “Boisbilly mansion”. It owes its name to a Canon, Jean-Jacques Archambault Provost of Boisbilly (1735-1786). Doctor in Theology at the Sorbonne, Vicar-General of the Rennes diocese, he was Tronchet’s Abbey-in-waiting and Canon of Quimper. He possessed one of Quimper’s most erudite libraries and we therefore have him to thank for a map of the cathedral drawn up in 1770 - one of the most important sources of information on the cathedral before the Revolution.

The monument is one of the rare Quimper examples of a mansion surrounded by a courtyard and garden. It extends as far as the Jesuit school chapel and enjoys a privileged view over the town. The house also has a certain number of remarkable heritage elements, particularly a beautiful 17th century façade with denticulated cornice and a balcony with 18th century ironwork. On its roof one can see two high chimney stacks in dressed stone as well as two lead roofing spikes in the form of Corinthian canopies. Inside, the beautiful 18th century woodwork is still visible as well as a white marble mantelpiece dating from the second half of the 18th century. Visits to this building are organized every year on the third week of September during Heritage Days.

This mansion has housed the Heritage Department since June 2005, thus becoming “The Heritage House”. It offers the department accessibility over a surface area of more than 200m². This remarkable building therefore constitutes the departure point of guided tours of the town and a reception for school trips. The Heritage House has thus revived this important centre of Quimper architecture and history.

Request the programme

If you wish to receive our visiting, exhibition and project programmes via post or email…. you can contact marc.delalleau@quimper.bzh or call +33(0)2 98 95 52 48.

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