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Green spaces

Le parc de Creac’h Gwen(Creac’h Gwen Park)

Creac’h Gwen Creac’h Gwen
As well as being the venue for many sporting activities, the park at Créac ' h Gwen is appreciated by Quimperois of all ages as a place to walk and relax. The biggest of Quimper’s green spaces, it is bordered by the Odet, the largest of the three rivers in Quimper and has its own sizeable pond. The Creac’h Gwen Nautical Centre is at the water’s edge and it is not uncommon to find enthusiasts of kayaking, canoeing, sailing and other water sports, as well as numerous fishermen. The park also has several sports grounds and sports halls, a sports circuit and areas set aside for skateboarding, scooters and BMX.

The pathways of Creac’h Gwen are a great place for peaceful walks, and are entirely accessible for pushchairs. The park is very child friendly with several playgrounds for both young and older children.

Surface are : 7,5 hectares.

Access via the boulevard de Creac’h Gwen. Several car parks are available.

Le parc de Kervouyec (Kervouyec Park)

Kervouyec Park Kervouyec Park
A large, secure play ground, a pedestrian circuit, 2.3 hectares of greenery, a stream….. Kervouyec park, open since 2007, is an agreeable place to walk, to spend time and for children to play in. Here there is a rustic feel: clipping and ditch clearing are only carried out along pathways, near houses and on the playground. It was designed to respect the surrounding wildlife and plant biodiversity. The park is also home to a collection of ash trees.

Access via l’avenue de Ty-Pont. Car park available.

La plaine de Kerlan Vian (The Kerlan Vian Lowlands)

Situated near the swimming pool and with three tennis courts nearby, the Kerlan Vian lowlands is an excellent family orientated area. With its 13,000 m2 of greenery it offers shady spots, a games park and grassy areas to linger on.

Access via rue Lucien Simon or avenue des oiseaux.

Parking at the Kerlan Vian swimming pool.

Le vallon Saint-Laurent (The Saint-Laurent Valley)

Le vallon Saint-Laurent Le vallon Saint-Laurent
With its 6 hectares of greenery, the Saint-Laurent valley offers a variety of landscapes in the heart of the Braden district of Ergué-Armel, behind the Cornouaille hospital centre. It includes large areas of greenery, a playground, a large wooded area and a pond. Maintained pathways provide many possibilities for walking. A picnic area is available for families to enjoy on sunny days.

Information boards inform walkers about this green space and its maintenance. An arboretum built on the theme of the Celtic calendar provides an opportunity to discover many tree species. The valley also has a nice collection of willows, as well as an educational orchard. Managed by the Quimper Horticultural Society, it is often used for demonstrating techniques for clipping, grafting and composting.

The Saint-Laurent valley can be used an observatory for fauna and flora. Differentiated management is used here (see page xx) promoting the maintenance of many plant species. Several beehives also contribute to preserving the biodiversity of the space. Since 2011 wildlife hides have been constructed.

Mallard ducks, moorhens and other small birds are frequently to be seen on the water.

Acces via avenue Limerick. Parking available.

Classified as an « ecological green space ». Refuge LPO (bird protection league)

La plaine du Moulin Vert (the Moulin Vert lowlands)

MoulinVert MoulinVertThe Moulin Vert lowlands border the river Steir and are carefully maintained by the green spaces service. The river greatly contributes to the charm of this 7 hectare area. The lowlands have a grassy area with a playground and paths for walking, running or cycling. Pathways criss-crossing from one side to the other make the most of the area’s tranquillity. It is possible to take long strolls along the hiking trails from the Manoir des Salles to the lock, following the river right into to the city centre via the Parc de Providence. As a result of the differentiated management that has been implemented here for many years it is possible to enjoy an exceptionally diverse range of flora and fauna


Lowlands classified as an « ecological green space ». Bird Protection League shelter