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Public Services Centre: a new asset for « la Providence »

« The construction of this new building will contribute to the enhancement of the entire area of « la Providence ». Eventually we hope that it will be connected to the whole of the city, gaining appeal thanks to the redevelopment of the old train tracks as a green route. »

Guillaume Menguy, deputy responsible for planning, quality of life, urban renewal and green spaces.

As part of its heritage strategy the city has decided to build a new administrative building in the rue de la Providence. It will regroup several of the city and communal services, currently spread out over several sites.

Currently located at several different locations (notably rue Verdelet and rue de Brest), the departments for sport, culture and childhood and education, as well as services for urban development, parking and loading zones, will soon all be housed at the same location.

Moving these services, as well as the municipal archives and information systems, will free up many plots of land. In particular the aim is to be able to create new housing in the city centre and reduce the community’s operating costs..

The new building will be constructed in the rue de la Providence, near the Cinéville cinema complex. The former automobile repair centre has also been acquired by the city in order expand the plot where the new building will stand.

A high standard of public reception

The public services centre will have 2,100 m² of floor space, spread over three floors, adapted to provide optimal usage for the different services and the hundred agents involved. It will receive users under the best conditions and will be fully accessible for people with reduced mobility.

In addition this new building will conform to the environmental recommendations set out in the RT2012: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water heating and lighting will all be energy efficient.

Revitalising the district

Through its integrated and modern architecture, this building will become part of the historic heart of Quimper.

This public services centre will help revive one of the districts providing a gateway to the city centre. With this objective of urban renewal, roadwork is currently underway on the first part of the street (from the Cosquer roundabout to the parking lot of the Cinéville cinema complex).

Reclassification of the traffic lanes will then continue, resulting in the redefinition and improvement of the area leading to the Chapeau Rouge.

Near to the future green route

The rehabilitation project to transform the railway tracks into a green route is currently planned in partnership with the Departmental Council. As with the Cinéville cinema complex, this building will ultimately be accessible from Penhars and Kerfeunteun using « soft transport modes » and will link up with the green route towards Pluguffan.

The project schedule

  • Choice of architect : 1st half of 2016
  • Presentation of the final draft : 2nd half of 2016
  • Submission of building permits: late 2017
  • Work starts : late 2018
  • Building completion : early 2020
  • Opening to the public : 1st half of 2020

Overall estimated cost of the project (work, project management and ancillary costs)

4,560 million € (before tax)