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The creation of residential areas: building the city of tomorrow

Living in Quimper: to meet the need for more housing the municipality has decided to revive several residential areas and also to create new areas. The aim is to make 500 homes available each year. This project is essentially based on existing residential areas, from which housing developments are emerging.

The major challenge to this mandate takes into account the need to preserve a significant agricultural potential. The city is therefore largely built “on top of itself “. The local urban planning department (PLU) provides urban renewal and Quimper wishes to go well beyond the regulatory 30%.

All available areas have been identified, their total area representing land reserves for the next 15 years. The acquisitions have begun to take place. Three zones identified by the previous two mandates are already under construction ((Linéostic, Kernoter and Kervalguen), and a further 10 are under review.

Work in progress:

At Linéostic work on the first section has begun. For the second phase (of 330 homes) acquisitions have been made by the city. The Kernoter zone (60 homes) was ready to make a commitment in 2008 and this can proceed now that road access from Benodet (between Toul Sable and Moulin des Landes) has been made possible; thus becoming the heart of the district. At Kervalguen the OPAC (public housing) is spear-heading the implementation of 340 homes.

Still in the planning stage: in Kersaliou the OPAC will begin building 100 homes at the end of 2016.

« Quimper has lost many residents in recent years, due to an inadequate supply of housing. The new residential areas will remedy this, and change the actual shape of the city and its movements» Guillaume Menguy, deputy responsible for planning, quality of life, urban renewal and green spaces.

In all the districts

The municipality hopes to create new residential areas… As is the case in Ergué-Armel, along the avenue de Ty Bos, where 630 homes are planned. On the Route de Douarnenez, at Coat Ligavan and especially on the old rugby grounds, 210 homes (and businesses) will fall within the catchment area of the Prat ar Rouz sector.

At Kerayen, near the Guengat road, the residential zone could have as many as 175 homes. On an industrial site in Ergué-Armel, at Kervilou, acquisitions are taking place (350 homes and a central structure. The second phase of the Moulin des Landes development is currently under review and will provide 200 homes on its 10 hectares (situated behind the But store).

Meanwhile in the city…

Near the city centre, the district of Gourmelen offers great potential on an exceptional site. Discussions are underway with the vendor for the purchase of about 300 homes..

The Hippodrome district will be revived between 2025-2030, with a mixture of economic activities and residential properties (800 homes).

On the other side of the railway tracks, as part of the station extension, there are plans for housing, a landscaped park and tertiary businesses.

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Future projects

  • Linéostic (Petit Guélen), second phase: 330 homes
  • Kervalguen (near Kermoysan): 340 homes
  • Kernoter (route de Bénodet): 60 homes
  • Kersaliou (Ty Bos): 100 homes