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Maison des Associations (Association’s Centre): opening in 2019

"An indispensable facility for associative life in Quimper, the Maison des Associations, with the Espace Associatif (associative space) at its heart, will be a place of work and cooperation. Fully equipped offices are shared, providing optimal working conditions for associations and their employees. We decided to establish the centre in Ergué-Armel. It will serve the entire city. » Philippe Calvez, deputy responsible for coordination, district town halls, local democracy, community life and the socio-cultural sector.

To optimize its heritage management, the city decided to invest in a new facility giving structure to associative life. The project for the Maison des Associations is currently being developed and will be built at Ergué-Armel.

An assessment of the use of the premises made available to the associations by the city was conducted in late 2014 and early 2015: 120 associations are spread out over 70 sites, all of which are buildings that the community must maintain, heat, and ultimately bring up to code in terms of accessibility.

It was found that many of these buildings are ill adapted, not only for receiving the public, and in particular disabled people, but also for the needs of the associations who occupy them. They are inefficient, outdated, and their use is not being optimized.

Dynamic management

Several scenarios have been developed by the city in order to implement a more dynamic management for this heritage.

Between the costs of upgrading and maintenance and those of creating of a new place for associative life, elected officials have decided that a new Maison des Associations will be created between now and 2019. It will be built on a 2,500 m2 plot within the boundaries of the Jean-Brélivet Stadium, near the Ergué-Armel roundabout.

A suitable, versatile building

This association’s centre will have pooled and shared offices within its structure, set up according to individual needs. Thanks to the creation of this building, new services will come into being. External storage areas may be built, allowing access outside opening hours and at weekends. This facility will be adaptable and provisions will be made for expansion when necessary.

Relocation of Espace Associatif

The new building will also be home to the Espace Associatif and its 17 employees, currently housed in the impasse de L’Odet in the city centre.

The Espace Associatif will benefit from an equivalent, streamlined surface area, with five meeting rooms, offices, areas for printing and the loan of sound equipment, lighting, video editing, etc.

  • In order to limit the design costs while sticking to a tight schedule the project management of this building will be carried out by the Quimper city architects and technical services.
  • . The final draft of the project will be validated by the municipal council during 2016
  • Work starts : 2017
  • Completion and inauguration : 2019
  • Provisional budget : 4 million € (before tax)