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A new reception hall, indispensable for associations

« With this hall, we want to create a place that will be perfectly adapted to the needs of all associations and functions in Quimper. » Georges-Philippe Fontaine, deputy responsible for finance and financial strategy

As one of the city’s priorities a reception hall will open in 2019, opposite the Penvillers exhibition park. Eagerly awaited by the residents of Quimper, it will be able to accommodate all kinds of associative events.

With the closure of the Chapeau Rouge, currently being transformed into a conference centre, and with the new exhibition park at Penvillers being financially inaccessible to many associations, there is a great need for a designated structure to host the activities of Quimper’s associations.As part of the city’s heritage strategy, the construction of a new hall was unanimously approved. The location has been decided: the hall will be constructed on the rue Stang-Bihan, at the foot of the water tower, in the space currently occupied by one of the 3 sports fields making up the Penvillers stadium. The city park will be moved a few dozen metres from its current spot.

Internal project management

Because the associations desperately need this project to be swiftly achieved, no appeals will be made to external project managers. To save time the conception and evaluation of the project will be carried out by the city architects.

To elaborate, the hall will have:

  • a main area of 800 m²,
  • a moveable stage,
  • a kitchen area,
  • a common area
  • dressing rooms and cloakrooms,
  • storage areas.

Also planned is a 100 m² courtyard, sheltered by a canopy, which will provide additional exhibition space, this will for example be suitable for flea markets or yard sales.

Optimisation and Pooling

The equipment will be managed by the city. Certain services (including opening of the premises) may be shared with the exhibition park, allowing for the rationalisation of resources and operating costs. The proximity to l’Artimon and the Pavillon will also allow for the use of the adjoining car parks. A 120-space parking lot area will however be created on the site of the new hall to address access issues.

This hall will be entirely at the disposition of associations. The city therefore made the decision not to provide removable stands but to give priority to the availability of chairs and tables in order to allow associations to manage the space independently.

Competitive rental prices

The fee schedule will be carefully studied to make the hall accessible to all groups, large or small. The community objective is to achieve maximum occupancy.

Implementation schedule

  • September 2016 : draft approval
  • February 2017 : final draft adopted by the municipal Council
  • April 2017 : submission of building permits
  • 2nd half of 2017 : selection of companies, following invitations to tender
  • Beginning of 2017 : work starts
  • End of 2019 : completion and inauguration

Estimated cost

4,8 million € (including tax)