Municipal and Community Services

The mayor’s office, Department Management, the Centres.

Since 1 January 2000, Ergué-Gabéric, Guengat, Locronan, Plogonnec, Plomelin, Plonéis, Pluguffan and Quimper make up the urban area whose management is assured by the town centre departments (Quimper).

The choice of a sole management for two public collectives was confirmed during the transfer of all the agents to Quimper Community on 1 January 2004.

The address and reception for the two administrations is located at the Town Hall in Quimper.

Department Management

The Departments’ Manager assures the management, the co-ordination and the direction of the whole of the town’s departments.

The Manager is assisted in her task by five General Managers of centres grouped around several managements.

General Administrative Management, Communications Management and a Project Manager answer directly to her.

Department Management : Ketty Covemaeker.

Contact : 02 98 98 88 53.

The Centres

  • The town’s departments are grouped around five main centres which group together several managements :
  • Solidarity,
  • Sport, education and cultural development,
  • Resources (I.T., human resources, budget),
  • Development and quality of life (large-scale projects, town planning, landscaping and gardens),
  • Transport, highway maintenance and environment.