Conglomeration and Inter-municipality

The City of Quimper is a member of Quimper West Brittany and several intercommunal syndicates.

Quimper West Brittany, conglomerate community

On December 27th 1993, a community of communes, Quimper-Community, was created around Quimper, Ergué-Gabéric, Guengat and Plogonnec. Three years later, on December 23rd 1996, Quimper-Community expanded to Plomelin, Plonéis and Pluguffan, bringing the number of member communes to seven. Its creation enabled the pooling of numerous skills (economic development, tourism, waste) and facilities (swimming pools, start-up workshops and incubator activity areas).

On the 1st of January 2000 the seven communes forming Quimper Community were united as a conglomerate community. On the 1st of January 2011 Locronon joined Quimper Community, bringing the number of communes making up the conglomeration community to eight

The population of this entity is 100,000 inhabitants.

Quimper Community must comply with specialist principals, as do all EPCI (public establishments of intercommunal cooperation): it can only operate within the framework of the available skills. In general, an EPCI is administered in the same way as a municipality.