Budget for 2019: 87.7 million euros

On 7th February, the city council of Quimper voted its 2019 budget. It amounts to 87.7 million euros. This is the 5th budget of the term of office.

Since 2014, the city has chosen not to increase taxes for the residents of Quimper. It has compensated for the very sharp decline in government allocations by drastically lowering its own spending, while preserving the quality of public services provided. The city affirms, more than ever, its desire to innovate and invest.

The 2019 budget is largely influenced by the changes in its inter-municipality. In fact, in 2018, the harmonization of the statutes was carried out and the community project adopted.

The latter proposed the extension of the definition of community interest in social action in early childhood, the management of communal nursing homes (EHPAD) and the development and steering of local health and mental health contracts, as well as that the creation of a reach competence and also to endow the EPCI (Public Establishment for Inter-communal Cooperation) with an energy transition competence.

This has meant, since 1st January 2019, Quimper Western Brittany has the political jurisdiction of early childhood issues in place of the municipalities. Consequence: an amount of approximately 4.6 million euros of gross expenditures is made from the city of Quimper to Quimper Western Brittany.

The transfer of the nursing homes for the elderly particularly influences the CCAS (Social Action Communal Centre) of Quimper, only the commune’s participation of the CCAS transfer for the management of the nursing homes, 100 000 €, is transferred to Quimper Western Brittany.

The 2019 budget also continues the financial strategy implemented since the beginning of the mandate, allowing a sustainable financial equilibrium over time, while maintaining a high level of investment, without resorting to additional taxation.

The budget of the city of Quimper is composed of the main budget and three annexed budgets (housing areas, rentals and municipal campsites, and car parks).