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Parks and gardens

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Quimper, town of art and history, offers its inhabitants an exceptional quality of life and its visitors sources of inexhaustible discovery. Our town enjoys a privileged geographical situation and a remarkable architectural legacy.

We should capitalise on these riches by a daily appreciation of our environment. It is in this spirit that the green spaces management of Quimper town hall improves our well-being by working on the standard of our quality of life. These efforts have been rewarded because Quimper has twice received the « National Town In Bloom » prize, the highest award of its type.

Whilst everyone enjoys the floral footbridges on the Odet or the ramparts’ borders, Quimper’s most beautiful gardens are sometimes hidden from those not seeking  them. At the turning off an alley, or at the end of a rather ordinary little square, marvellous places are sometimes hidden.

The Retreat Garden « Jardin de la Retraite »

Le jardin de la retraiteEnlarge the picture Le jardin de la retraiteLocated inside the ramparts of the old walled town, this walled garden of about half a hectare is both intimate and varied in its outlook  by virtue of its configuration into landings.

A former monastery garden, it was used for walks and as a cemetery. Its full south orientation and its chalky soil allow the acclimatization of relatively cold-sensitive plant species such as palms (for example  a very well-developed brahea edulis specimen) originating from America, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, China or simply the Mediterranean region. The difficulty of acclimatizing these arid-origin species in Brittany is bypassed by planting on large drainage ditches which avoid water stagnation during cold periods which is the limiting factor for these types of plants.

Surface area : 5800 m²
Access via rue des Douves and rue Elie Fréron

The theatre garden

Le jardin du théâtre Max JacobEnlarge the picture Le jardin du théâtre Max JacobLaid out at the end of the 19th century on a former branch of the Odet the theatre garden is designed in the English romantic style with plants originating from the USA and China. This half hectare garden assembles a few rare species  in a limited space. One can find a torreya, a gingko biloba, a variegated tulip tree, a giant sequoia and a Louisiana cypress. These large subjects are surrounded by azaleas, rhododendrons and perennial plants. It is one of Quimper’s oldest gardens.

Surface area : 6400 m²
Access via boulevard Dupleix

The Priory garden « le jardin du Prieuré »

Le jardin du PrieuréEnlarge the picture Le jardin du PrieuréThis garden bordering  the Odet next to Locmaria priory and Henriot faiencerie (pottery)  is laid out with aromatic and medieval plants in the style of monasteries from Anne of Brittany’s era. Chestnut, oak, shale, granite and forged steel are the foundation materials. Fruiting as well as food-producing plants grown at the time are in raised beds which complete the garden.

In the middle of the garden a kiosk holds a fountain, symbol of the source of life which once irrigated Paradise. The pergolas symbolise the celestial heavens and each plant is a bearer of a message which was well-known in the Middle Ages such as the rose representing youth or the white lily purity.

Doors closed at night.
Surface area : 1700 m²
Access via place Bérardier

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