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Major events

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Lors du Festival de Cornouaille 2011

February  – Les Hivernautes / Polarités

Les Hivernautes programme emerging or underplayed music. It offers an over-riding place to local creation as well as meeting point with other artistic forms (visual arts, digital arts…). Discussions, conferences and documentary projections are also proposed during the festival.

May – Rendez-vous contes (storytelling event)  / MPT (Community Centre), Ergué-Armel

Rendez-vous contes is a festive and family occasion which assembles during one day storytellers, street artists and musicians in the Saint-Laurent valley. Performances and mini-tours are organized as well as surprise visits in unusual places.

June  – Penhars Festival  / MPT (Community Centre ), Penhars

For five days, Penhars quarter is transformed into a party: activities, hip-hop, street artists, concerts, walks, shows…. Just next to a community village which offers a wide variety of refreshment.

June  – Music Festival

From large PA stages to acoustic groups, the programming concocted by the town and its community partners mixes the genres: jazz, rock, world music, classical music, Breton music, electro… It’s also a responsible festival with a prevention space, local shuttles and the green police brigade.

June  – September  – Thursdays in the Bishop’s Palace / Folk Music Club

Every Thursday, a bagad (Breton musical group) and a dance circle stir the Breton soul in the Bishop’s Palace gardens. The season finishes with a grand finale in Penvillers pavilion: bagadoù and dance circles meet up for a big fest-noz (Breton party).

July –  Le Cornouaille/ The Cornouaille Festival

“Le Cornouaille” is an eclectic festival which puts under the spotlight the entire spectrum of modern Breton culture. Every day, the historic heart of Quimper beats to the rhythm of Cornouaille:  traditional concert music, world music, folk, rock, youth activities, festoù-noz, bagadoù parades, Breton musician competitions, dance shows, workshops, summer schools, exhibitions …

August – Les semaines musicales (Musical weeks) / OSCAC

Medieval, baroque, classic or contemporary, the most beautiful works, famous or unknown, are aired during the musical weeks in August.  The concerts take place in locations carefully chosen for their acoustic quality, their spirituality or their charm, thus promoting their particular rich architectural or artistic heritage.

October  – Odyssée des mots (Word Odyssey) / Quimper Multimedia Centre (Médiathèque)

With exhibitions, readings, conferences and meet the author, Word Odyssey  invests Quimper town centre, the area’s libraries and multimedia centres  with a playful and colourful programming made up of literature, science, history and art….

October – November  – Hip Hop New School Festival

Dancers, rappers, MC’s, DJ’s and graffiti artists heighten  the atmosphere with battles, concerts, conferences, exhibitions and hip-hip classes.

November – A vous de jouer (Your  turn!)  / MPT (Community Centre)  Ergué-Armel

A big games rendez-vous, unmissable for all ages (babies, children, teenagers, adults, families…). For a whole weekend the Community Centre is transformed into a huge games room with lots to offer: group games, skill games, outside games, games of imitation and imagination. A special pre-school children’s daycare centre with trained assistants is available.

December  – Festival Théâtre à tout âge (Theatre At Any Age Festival) / Très tôt théatre (Very Early Theatre)

A Festival which offers the best of live shows - the most ambitious and the most demanding possible - to a young audience. On the programme:  theatre, puppetry, dance, meet the artiste and street arts.

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