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International solidarity

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Enfants à la lessive à Yaoundé au Cameroun
Supported by the town council, associations and volunteers join forces beyond our frontiers for a fairer world.

More than 30 international solidarity associations are present in Quimper.  Two categories : local ones and ones that belong to a national network.  They act in partnership with an organisation in the country concerned, in a sustainable development agreement.

Their projects are based on needs pinpointed in the population, on sharing and reciprocity, not just  on the giving of financial aid or the simple desire to act. The most highly represented are those defending fundamental rights such as access to water, to healthcare, to education and to human rights.

Some successes

  • PAE Togo encourages awareness of international solidarity amongst secondary schoolchildren, associating them in the conception and carrying out of projects during work trips, particularly in the Bassar region (Togo). The association has 70 wells to its credit, therefore 70 villages where they can drink clean water. PAE Togo, has also dispatched hundreds of thousands of books, organised teaching programmes and large scale sanitation, the growth of new rice varieties… and many other projects.
  • Quimper Right of Exile collective welcomes newcomers from all horizons who have clandestinely left their countries : Kosovars and Albanians, Armenians and Chechens… helped in their task by the Social Action Community Centre (CCAS) the collective manages 50 dossiers.
  • For more than 20 years, the Quimper association Santamaria Orlea- Hateg Region has formed a partnership in the areas of training, activities and rural development with the town of Santamaria-Orlea (Romania) and its surroundings. Its initiatives include in particular a milk production and transformation unit at Bretea, the putting into action of a model farm, study trips by French farmers and the supervision of leisure centres in Romania.

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